Relationship & Operations SuperApp

PlaNetTel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is an Infocomm SME based in Singapore. We have been in operation since 1993 and have undertaken several successful projects for clients starting with FOIP, VOIP and moving on to Software Infrastructure hosted in secure Virtual Servers directly owned and managed by PlaNetTel.

PlaNetTel software infrastructure and the web applications are developed using Open Source projects and adding on customised functional modules so that PlaNetTel core development team has 100% control over the code to efficiently provide updates and bug fixes without having to go to any third-party software companies.

Over the past few years PlaNetTel has invested heavily in upgrading the features so that Businesses to have a lot of flexibility in starting with a few functional modules that are urgently needed and add on new features as and when needed. This platform is a ‘SuperApp Platform’ that can be expanded to include new functional modules as well as new web applications through API for seamless integration & operation.

We refer to our software infrastructure as a ‘Relationship & Operations Management Portal’ (ROMP)’

We would welcome an opportunity to give you a demo of the features and also hear from you on how we can resolve specific business management issues that needs a web solution at present. Please click on the following button to view the ‘Software Platform Architecture’